Free USA Car Mirror covers


If you post their link they are supposed to send a code for free mirror covers & free shipping.


Nair fresh peach melon Microwave Wax

Where to even begin?!! The price... I'll start there. This tub of wax & strips costs $8! I had high .. very high hopes that this wax would work wonderfully, but I was disappointed. When you first open the jar, the smell of peaches rises in the air. I admit, it does smell great, but that does not help with hair removal. The box has a great quantity of wax strips, which I appreciate that as it will take almost all of them to even do 1 area. This wax just simply, in a nutshell: Does NOT work. I looked at the ingredients, so maybe some additives they have in it causes this, I am unsure, but for $8 I'd expect it to take off more than 5 hairs in 1 area. Honestly, for $8 I shouldn't even have had to microwave it! LMAO! *Just trying to find some light in this gloom of peach mess*. I won't be buying this again, but I won't give up on at-home waxing just yet. Anyone know of any brands of wax that DO work?


Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa 12ct K cups box

I'll start off by saying that I received 2 of these boxes in the mail from a sampling giveaway. I like the concept of these hot cocoa K cups. The contents looked & smelled good (yes! I had to open 1 to see how it looked and smelled), but to be honest, it takes 2 K cups of cocoa to make the perfect cup for me. Using just 1 cup makes a light semi-sweet cocoa drink, which I know some would love. For me though, I love tasting the cocoa ... the chocolate taste... seeing actual deep brown liquid in my cup. With 1 K cup, it was light in flavor and in color (although, this review is not based on color, I mentioned it as it was something I first noticed). The cocoa itself is good (using 2 K cups), but would I pay $11.98 for this at Wal-Mart? Of course not. If this were the winter time, with using 2 K cups at a time for the perfect cup; I'd use up the 12ct box within less than a week. I'm to price conscious for that. Maybe a great coupon will come out for them soon!?! Right now, I am drinking them in the mornings when I don't necessarily need coffee, but just love that warmness of a hot drink (the mornings are cool outside anyway). Overall, I like the product.... it just needs a price adjustment, in my opinion (so that those that didn't get it free will be willing to buy it).


Old Navy Activewear

Who doesn't love cute activewear! Well, Old Navy has made the best there is with their new style of active wear clothing! The designs are sleek and they really do pop! A little over a week ago there were great sales on them also. What did you get? I bought so many items (how can you resist a bargain like that!?!) My friend & I went to Old Navy after I got my coupons for free activewear and we shopped till we dropped. There's so many items to choose from in there. I love that about Old Navy! You can't say they don't have a wide selection, because there's so much and the colors they make for their clothing is always awesome. I love to match, but I also love the fact that you can mix and match the activewear styles up and it will still look great. Thanks Crowdtap and Old Navy for this opportunity.


Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownies

I bought this box of brownies a few days ago. There is a Peanut Butter kind also, but the Chocolate Fudge kind sounded quite nice at the time so I picked that up. They were $4.29 at CVS and I used a .75 off 1 box coupon from the newspaper. In my opinion, for the price - these could use a bit of work. Of course, with something that is 90 calories a pack I am not expecting some ooey gooey brownie or a brownie with lots of chocolate chips, but what I was expecting was more flavor. With a bit of tweaking these brownies will be liked by all. I love though, that these brownies are a small portion and 90 calories isn't bad for a small serve brownie product.


Old Navy flip flops

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I received a free pair of Old Navy's new flip flops in the color black! I absolutely love that this color was sent to me as it will go well with anything in my wardrobe. Flip flops are great to wear and these from Old Navy are very stylish and comfortable. They are thin, but sturdy and durable. I like the straps on these flip flops too - they are not tight at all and are very smooth underneath where your feet would rub against them. The fit of these flip flops is more of a "true to size" feel to me. There is not any flipping and flopping, so you could walk without tiring yourself out in these. Thanks so much Old Navy and Crowdtap for this sampling opportunity. It's great to try out a new product before it's launched in stores. This is a great item !!