Nair fresh peach melon Microwave Wax

Where to even begin?!! The price... I'll start there. This tub of wax & strips costs $8! I had high .. very high hopes that this wax would work wonderfully, but I was disappointed. When you first open the jar, the smell of peaches rises in the air. I admit, it does smell great, but that does not help with hair removal. The box has a great quantity of wax strips, which I appreciate that as it will take almost all of them to even do 1 area. This wax just simply, in a nutshell: Does NOT work. I looked at the ingredients, so maybe some additives they have in it causes this, I am unsure, but for $8 I'd expect it to take off more than 5 hairs in 1 area. Honestly, for $8 I shouldn't even have had to microwave it! LMAO! *Just trying to find some light in this gloom of peach mess*. I won't be buying this again, but I won't give up on at-home waxing just yet. Anyone know of any brands of wax that DO work?