Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa 12ct K cups box

I'll start off by saying that I received 2 of these boxes in the mail from a sampling giveaway. I like the concept of these hot cocoa K cups. The contents looked & smelled good (yes! I had to open 1 to see how it looked and smelled), but to be honest, it takes 2 K cups of cocoa to make the perfect cup for me. Using just 1 cup makes a light semi-sweet cocoa drink, which I know some would love. For me though, I love tasting the cocoa ... the chocolate taste... seeing actual deep brown liquid in my cup. With 1 K cup, it was light in flavor and in color (although, this review is not based on color, I mentioned it as it was something I first noticed). The cocoa itself is good (using 2 K cups), but would I pay $11.98 for this at Wal-Mart? Of course not. If this were the winter time, with using 2 K cups at a time for the perfect cup; I'd use up the 12ct box within less than a week. I'm to price conscious for that. Maybe a great coupon will come out for them soon!?! Right now, I am drinking them in the mornings when I don't necessarily need coffee, but just love that warmness of a hot drink (the mornings are cool outside anyway). Overall, I like the product.... it just needs a price adjustment, in my opinion (so that those that didn't get it free will be willing to buy it).