Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

OH MY! --Are the first words to come to mind. This lotion is lovely on my crazy skin. I call my skin crazy because I feel like I have combinations of oily, rough, dry, & normal skin all at once most days on various parts of my body. I've used many products, but nothing seemed to make all of my skin FEEL the same as this lotion. The lotion is very smooth - almost water-like, but not watery in the least... but still took a little getting used to as I am not used to this type of texture/feel of lotions AND it dries quickly, something I was actually skeptical about upon first glance.
The scent -- Mmmm... very subtle. I like all of my products to have subtle or no scents since I have sensitive skin and this smells lovely. I didn't suffer from any types of red spots or rashes as I have in the past from products being overly scented. This scent is perfect.
I tried this product on my left hand and arm for a couple days and not on my right hand and arm, and after a while... I noticed the difference in the way my skin felt. On the right side, it was still a bit dry and rough... while on the left.. all smooth and soft. I can't knock a product that's given my skin backs its youth to go along with my actual age, of 21. Thanks for letting me test out this product Pete!
Why not give it a try yourself... it's free & all you have to do is write a review! All the info is at www.SkinMDNatural.com
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tiajones said...

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Allow me to quickly introduce myself. My name’s Tia and I’m the Community Manager at Skin MD Natural. On June 22, 2008 you wrote a wonderful review on Skin MD and I never had a chance to thank you.

Thanks so much for contributing your opinion on how great Skin MD shielding lotion feels and works on your skin. Your blog, along with a few others, really enable and empower people with truths.

So again, Thanks-A-Bunch for showin’ Skin MD Natural L.o.V.e.!
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MyEmptyCanvas said...

Thank you, Tia